Back Pain – Common Causes

nurses orders- back pain

nurses orders- causes of back pain

Well its been a long time between posts , This is partly due to life and partly due to slackness! Anyway this is the second in the series of posts about back pain. Today I focus on the causes.

From a medical point of view there are only 3 classifications of back injury that cause pain, these are Impact, Disease, Rotation. .. Lets have a look at each one so that you can better understand your own situation. A lot of pain issues are due to having a combination of two of these even if they happen years apart. I will not go into the detailed side of soft and hard tissue injuries, it’s enough to say that once stretched or torn, soft tissue will never go back to being as tight and easy to move as it was before. Internal scarring can be a real bitch, soft tissue injuries are often forgotten about until they start to limit your movement for no apparent reason years later, or after a minor incident.

Impact Injury

These are the injuries caused by a sudden change in direction or speed of travel, usually during a fall, sporting activity or vehicle incident.The immediate result is normally easily found on imaging and would include ruptured (herniated) inter-vertebral disc, fractured or crushed vertebrae, torn muscles and ligaments. Any single one of these is painful but more often with this method of injury there will be all 3 issues which will set you back for months or years. The truth is your back ( and your mood) will never be the same afterwards.


This is a slower onset and you may have minor issues for years before realising there is a problem. Often your stiff back can be put down to your work rather than anything else. The causes are mostly- Tumours, Auto Immune disease, Osteoarthritis,  Rheumatoid Arthritis. The causes for bone tumours are usually powerful chemical toxicity, Arthritis is caused by high sugar diet and poor maintenance (lack of excersize and loss of muscle mass) Auto Immune disease is likely a combination of genetics and environmental issues. These are essentially slow degenerative changes which can be stopped and slowed down but rarely reversed.

Rotation Injury

These are mostly the silly little movements which we do every day that one day go horribly wrong. Such as moving a chair or stretching up to the higher shelf, turning around to grab something from a desk. These will lead to pulled and torn muscles, tendons ripped from the bone, herniated discs, and other soft tissue injuries that cannot be seen on imaging, they can only be felt or found by a physiotherapist or masseuse by hands on manipulation and assessment. These are often the ones that cause a lot of issues due to not being correctly diagnosed in the beginning if at all. These injuries can leave you with quite a deficit or significantly reduced movement that can severely impact your day to day living.

So then, have a think about your back pain issues, can you identify major events in your life that may have added together to cause your situation. Did you notice that each new incident caused more pain for longer than last time and that your incidents are getting more frequent? This is the cumulative effects of a weakening back. If you have identified yourself as being in this position, then maybe now is the time to be proactive and start to take responsibility for your actions and take a little more care of your back. Even if people look at you in a strange way do whats best for your back, you only have 1 and you need it for life.

I hope you enjoyed this article and at the very least learned something from it. It is written from personal experience as well as medical understanding.

Please feel free to share and follow my page for other health related articles and the rest of the story about back pain. The next article will be a little on how you can improve your spine health and flexibility/ movement as well as reduce your pain.

Until next time

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