Beating Cancer Without Chemo

Focus on Diet and Traditional therapies.

Everywhere you look or listen these days another person has been diagnosed with some kind of cancer. The numbers are scary, Yet we seem to have accepted this modern epidemic as normal.

Let me tell you it definitely is not normal: As a student nurse 31 years ago I spent a significant amount of time on a surgical ward that dealt with cancer. Even then it was a rarity and if you got diagnosed with cancer you were almost definitely given a death sentence.

With modern diagnostic techniques and treatments there is not a person in the western world who does not know someone who has had a cancer diagnosis and  lived for a reasonable time after to tell the tale. What I cannot understand is how we are so eager to accept this major shift in our species health and why we are comfortable giving control of our life to Medico’s who have no personal experience and training funded by chemical companies and given by pharmaceutical reps !

If this health crisis was happening to Gorillas, Sumatran Tigers, Polar Bears or lesser spotted pink frogs we would not accept it and there would be government funding and middle class housewives banding together to form pressure groups to get the story out there.

Why is it so much less important because the human species is under attack ??

This year I will be concentrating on researching and commenting on the many different ways of restoring our bodies to some degree of health, as well as searching for reasons why we have become so unhealthy in general in the last 30 years. Discounting medical improvements that are maintaining life ( no matter what, in some instances ) why is our life expectancy now starting to get shorter again. A person in their 50’s is now likely to die at around the same time as their children not 20 or 30 years apart as has been the case for millions of years. Our Children are now anticipated to outlive their children due to the toxic lifestyles we are accepting and teaching our kids and grandkids.


Of course it all boils down to diet pure and simple we have all heard that many, many times. All the research reports and news items are telling us that ,But I feel that we are so bombarded with reports about stuff that’s bad for you and the food companies are so good at lying to us, government labelling laws are a total joke, inconsistent and easy to manipulate. Even the ‘ trusty’ food pyramid has recently been proved to be wrong ( that is a whole other post that I WILL follow-up on later in the year )  that by now we have all switched off and choose to ignore the info or have decided that it’s all to hard or just not relevant to us.

In order to follow through with the thoughts that I have I will be looking for  ” real life” comparisons to show you, which will make the information more understandable and applicable to you, your current health and your family’s health. We are all only here for a short time. we should make it our mission to live and be healthy, have fun and make everyone around us happy.

Inner peace & happiness

Inner peace & happiness


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