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COVID 19 in Australia

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In Australia we are still the lucky country. Why is this, you might ask…. Well, for us the Covid 19 travesty hit at the start of Autumn. While this is very early in our flu season, it is not unheard of that we have a contagious illness this early in the year. In 2018 we […]

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Playing The Bagpipes Can Kill You

A case of Hypersensitivity Pneumonia (attributed to his bagpipe playing and diagnosed on autopsy) was the cause of death of a 61 year old man late in 2017. After 10 years of unexplained and worsening coughing and breathlessness he was left unable to walk more than 20m and suffered the same symptoms as a person […]

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Back Pain – Common Causes

Well its been a long time between posts , This is partly due to life and partly due to slackness! Anyway this is the second in the series of posts about back pain. Today I focus on the causes. From a medical point of view there are only 3 classifications of back injury that cause […]

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