COVID 19 in Australia

Australians expect to return to normality by this christmas
When will normal life return

In Australia we are still the lucky country. Why is this, you might ask…. Well, for us the Covid 19 travesty hit at the start of Autumn. While this is very early in our flu season, it is not unheard of that we have a contagious illness this early in the year. In 2018 we had the worst flu season recorded and it extended from early April to early September. A very long and hard time for our health system and health workers, of which, I was one.

The use of the term Corona virus is technically incorrect in relation to this particular outbreak as there are well over 1,000 virus’ classified as a Corona virus. All colds and most respiratory symptoms are caused by one of the corona virus’.

On 19 March, following the lead of the World Health Organisation the British government declassified COVn-19 to nothing more than a common flu virus. This was quickly followed by the same action by all governments among the developed nations It had initially being classed as a HCID , a highly contagious infectious disease, until they realised exactly what it was.

The spread of the disease was stopped in its tracks due to quick action by some governments such as Singapore, Western Australia, China and South Korea. For people in other places such as certain states in the USA, the UK, Italy and the eastern states of Australia, political incompetence or malice spread misinformation and failed to act. This ultimately lead to many thousands of unnecessary deaths and illness’. UK has 3 times the population of Australia, yet has 85 times more deaths. Check out the numbers here

So, moving forward what can we expect after 6 months of confusion and mis-information? Well, if we look at the patterns of every other similar virus we can expect the following; In the northern hemisphere where their numbers have been very low for new infections during their summer months, a very large rise is expected as the weather gets colder and the virus is able to live longer outside the body. Additionally the large number of people who have weakened their immune systems by being inside all summer (depriving them of vitamin D, melatonin and endorphins) and the wearing of masks has lowered their oxygen levels for prolonged periods of time which causes organs to not work properly, and, the large numbers who have been frightened into getting the flu vaccine which is no use against COVn 19 this winter will be far worse than they can ever imagine.

In the southern hemisphere where the weather was about to start cooling down, we had less than a 10% rise in deaths caused by respiratory illness. In fact there were almost no deaths attributed to influenza this year as everything was classed as COVn 19. As we move through spring and into summer most southern hemisphere countries will see the issue disappear naturally and it has nothing to do with the actions of the leaders, it is simply a natural cycle. Corona and Sars virus’ cannot survive outside the host in temperatures above 23 degrees Celsius where the humidity is below 80% This means that in all but tropical locations we expect to see no further spread by October when temperatures are above 25 degrees.

So essentially, for us in Australia, we can expect to be seeing the very last of it in the next few weeks, with the only infections to be those left unchecked in the far north tropical zone and those brought back by international travellers. We should not expect to see it again unless our borders are opened up for international travel during their winter period. For the sake of us all in this fine country our borders should remain closed until May or June next year when the northern summer can kill it off once and for all.

Of course this is written from a health perspective and does not take into consideration the devastating financial effects of a prolonged lock down. It has however, and will continue to, inspire our great aussie spirit if inventing new and easier ways around things to create a new normal.

Fresh air and sunshine are god given rights and necessary for human functionality

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