Healthy Body

Fast living, fast food and high stress levels are having a serious effect on our health and lifespans. For the first time in a hundred years our children are not expected to live as long as us, simply due to toxicity caused by chemical additives, too much sugar, fat, salt and lack of excersize.

As a student nurse in the 1980’s I rarely saw a case of bowel cancer, it was still fairly uncommon. Now it is normal for a surgical ward to have 30% of its patients admitted with new or previous diagnosis of bowel cancer or othr insidious bowel conditions. In the same way that smoking was finally accepted by the medical community to be the main cause of certain cancers. I feel that it is iminent that that same grooup will soon admit the main cause of bowel cancer and diseases of the bowel is the untested combinations of chemical additives which we are forced to eat in processed foods.

Excezma, like Asthna is not a condition, it is a symptom, the bodies reaction to certain chemicals or foods. Once the culprit(s) are identified and more itchy skin or wheezing.

Backache is now a major problem for employers as well as the healthcare system and not least the patients. The majority of sufferers are enduring discomfort simply because their bodies are imbalanced and the muscles in the back have to cope with entire load due to floppy useless abdominal muscles. Some of us have mechanical injuries , for which their is a whole different set of treatments.

Western medicine has its place. Emergency treatment and surgical intervention are the two that spring to mind first of all. closely followed by aggressive cancer treatment. A certain amount of chemical intervention for psychiatric disorders are a must. For most other things there is no real need to be running to the doctor for that quick ” fix” which is only a band aid solution anyway.

Improving your diet and changing the way you move and breathe are truly the only things that can fix the problem. Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problems all dissapear when an obese person loses weight.