Diet and Nutrition

Nutrition is The Starting Point For Over 90% of all Health. Poor Nutrition Leads to a Less than Well Functioning Body. Which in Turn Creates Dis-Ease.

This page will concentrate on nutrition for wellness and basic body function, the scientific reasons behind the changing attitudes around food & nutrition.

The direct link between poor diet and dis-ease in the body is now becoming accepted by the medical fraternity, in the same way that tobacco was finally seen as the enemy 15 years ago.

Eating plans for specific conditions can be found here, such as eating for; Diverticulitis, Crohns disease, Asthma, Arthritis Alzheimer’s and, of course diabetes. We will only touch briefly on the well known ones as there are many websites that focus specifically on these things. We are using the latest research as the basis for our recommendations as a way to keep you up to date with the latest medical information, as a result w do not go into huge amounts of detail.

For all sports and advanced nutrition click here or go to our sports nutrition page in Healthy Spirit.