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How Those ‘Little Blue Pills’ Could Kill You With A Single Use.

If you are having performance issues you need to read this. Not just to find a solution but because it could LITERALLY save your life.

If you are young ( under 60 ) and having erection problems such as difficulty in keeping or getting it up there is a good chance that there is an underlying medical problem. So before buying some miracle cure from an unknown seller on Dr Google have a think and maybe go see your GP.

If you have a family history of high cholesterol, If you have ever or still smoke, If your diet is less than perfect or if you are taking any regular medication then your first action  should be to consult your GP and ask for an angiogram or cardiac USS to rule out heart disease.

The biggest cause of erectile issues in the 40- 60 year age group is heart disease. When the cardiac arteries become partially blocked the first noticeable symptoms are in the extremities. so you may notice fingers and toes feeling colder than normal or the only issue you may have is in your nether regions.

We have all heard that Viagra and the other pills cause strokes and heart attacks. This actually is not technically true, these medications cause the blood vessels to dilate enabling more blood to flow to the extremities. This initially causes a drop in blood pressure quickly followed by an increase. The increase in BP often dislodges small pieces of the rubbish that builds up inside the arteries these loose bits are called embolisms. they mostly stick in the heart valves causing a heart attack. They can stick in the leg or lung where they will cause very painful but not normally life threatening damage, However it is possible that a small one can travel through these big organs and get stuck in the brain causing a stroke which can kill you before you or you or partner realise what is happening.

erectile dysfunction

So If you have any concerns about your performance issues please see your doctor first before trying to solve the problem yourself. Once you have had yourself checked out and your doctor is happy for you to go ahead and get some help check Here for some safe solutions that may help you out


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