You Are What You Eat.


While we have all heard this many times before, how many of us actually stop to think about it??

Food is currently our ONLY source of body fuel, and it is becoming more polluted and less able to do its job as we become more advanced as a species. If we could compare our lives to those of people a few hundred years ago the comparisons would be something like this…..

Then – People were naturally fitter as everything they did involved physical movement of some level. All their food was grown without chemicals and eaten fresh, they spent more time outdoors either at work or walking to work. They did not have diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease. On the down side, they had bad teeth, smelled and usually died of infection or something that created an epidemic. ( check out any recent anthropological studies in 3rd world countries this is still the case )

Now – Humans as a species ( in developed countries )are unfit and do not use our bodies to their full extent. In most cases around 80% of our food has been processed which not only removes nutrients, but in most cases adds chemicals which are harmful to the delicate chemical balance inside our bodies. The ‘ natural’ food that we do eat has been sprayed with chemicals or is genetically modified in some way. We mostly die from cancer, heart disease or consequences of diabetes.,

So If people in third world countries are not suffering from the same symptoms as people in developed nations you have to look at why. We are all the same species, we all live in the same place- once you break down the climatic areas – so what is so different? …                                     Realistically it is toxic loading. But the only part of this that we will talk about today is food, because chemicals in your environment is another subject for another day!

Take some time today to think about this. Everything you put into your mouth ends up passing through your liver and kidneys.These organs evolved over millions of years to process the food that we are supposed to eat, that is, fresh vegetables and fruit,nuts, roots, fish and meat. For approx the last 40 years what we eat has changed dramatically, our bodies are not capable of processing most of what we fill it with and so this leads to all sorts of issues such as;

  • Bowel symptoms – intermittent diarrhoea,constipation,bloating, bad smells
  • Skin problems – long term acne, chronic abscess’, allergies, psoriasis
  • Auto immune diseases- chronic fatigue syndrome,arthritis,
  • Severe menopausal symptoms.
  • Altzheimers
  • Diabetes
  • All bowel cancers, some reproductive cancers
  • All non genetic heart diseases.

Of course Alzheimers, menopausal symptoms and diabetes occur from a lifetime of bad diet combined with genetic pre-disposition,and are may not be reversible if you already have them, However the good news is that if you clean up your diet as much as possible and reduce your toxic load in general you will reap the benefits. This will be seen the form of less cancers, almost no risk of diabetes, minimal risk of heart disease,bowel problems, alzheimers and a much reduced occurrence of arthritis.

Your first step in cleaning up your diet is to start a food diary. For the first month do not change anything, simply write down what you eat. Devise your own system of marking each meal or food item so that you can easily identify how much of it was processed, fresh or prepared yourself.Include drinks as these can be a hidden source of good as well as bad !

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