Back Pain- A Whole Can of Worms

Is this you.. or someone you know?

Is this you.. or someone you know?

Who doesn’t know of someone who has endured back pain at some point in their lives?

Regardless of the duration or severity, back pain is the No 1 cause of workers comp insurance claims throughout the world.

Back pain and back injuries (though very different) are considered the most fraudulently claimed injury by employees. insurance companies are therefore very thorough in their investigation of claims, especially long-term or ” permanent” disability claims.

This is very frustrating for those who have a genuine claim as the time taken can seem excessive, especially when in pain and on a reduced income.


I will be writing a series of articles which will each be based on a chapter in my upcoming book about living and dealing with back pain, both chronic and acute. As a Long-term sufferer of chronic back pain ( 30 + years) I am well positioned to write about both types of pain, as well as the good and bad solutions and aides I have encountered through the years.

There are certain pieces of equipment which I could not manage without and certain things I avoid completely. There will be a discussion about surgery. When its appropriate and when and what to avoid, if you can.

One thing I can tell you right now. If you have sloppy abdominal muscles you are asking for a back injury at some point. The reason being that quite simply your entire body works with pairs, every part of your body that moves needs an equal and opposing force. For instance, you need 2 muscles to bend & straighten your arm 1 to do each ( actually its more but we will simplify it )

For your back to carry its load properly your abs need to be in decent condition otherwise your back muscles are doing the work that your front should be doing!

Anyway that is a whole post on its own. today I just wanted to let you know to follow this page and to look out for the upcoming series.

Also expressions of interest for the book can be registered and let me know if you would prefer hard or soft copy

Until next time – Jayne

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