Discover how a nurse reduces operation scars on her patients.

Do you have scars that you wish you didn’t have?  Would you like to learn the secret to never having another ugly scar ever again ??   neck surgery

15 years ago an Australian nurse found a simple product that was designed as an antibacterial gel for cuts, grazes, stings and bites. When a stranger brought her 8 year old son home with the palm of his foot sliced open from razor rocks at the beach on a Saturday afternoon, she decided to use this on the foot rather than drive for an hour and sit for 4 hours in emergency to get it stitched up.

The result was astounding. After 4 days of being sealed and left untouched the deep laceration was clean, completely healed and looked simply like a red mark on the foot. One week later there was no trace of the cut, nor of a scar. This lead to the gel being tried out in many other situations. It definitely works best on small burns such as the ones you get when using a grill, barbecue or wood fire. She also regularly uses it to reduce scarring on her patients who have had surgery, By rubbing the gel onto the incision site two or 3 times a day once the initial wound is healed over. She has found scarring to be significantly reduced in thickness, they are much quicker to lose their colour and are much softer and less pronounced.

Patients have also reported using it to reduce scabbing on new tattoos which has also caused them to retain a better depth of colour leading to less touch ups.

So what is this secret gel and why isn’t it freely available?  Its main active ingredient is a natural product and the pharmaceutical companies hate it because it is not patentable.That means they cannot make millions of dollars profit and so they actively suppress any studies that have shown its benefits.  The core ingredient is tea tree oil and for this product it is suspended in a gel like cream. This gives a product which is thick enough to rub on without running but has the ability to protect the surface layer as well as absorbing through to the base layer where the natural enzymes get to work and do their stuff.

No-one really knows exactly what happens or why, but thousands of years of traditional medicine are proof enough that it works.As well as countless studies over the past 40 years. In order to purchase the product normally you need to have a membership with the company that makes it and commit to buying a certain number of products each month.  However, if you simply want to try it out a couple of times just contact us  and let us know of your interest we can arrange to get you a couple of tubes at cost plus postage.


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